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The mission of Grace Requires Understanding, Inc. is to be a resourceful advocate for family providers who have chosen to serve individuals with developmental disabilities in a Family Living setting,

GRU, Inc. firmly adheres to the principles of:

  • Consumer Preference
  • Normalization
  • Least Restrictive Environment
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Honoring of Culture, and
  • Respect of Self-Determination

GRU, Inc. believes that within the Developmental Disabilities Waiver, the Family Living residential model is the most secure and effective environment within which these principles can be promoted and brought to bear.

Accordingly, GRU, Inc. is a single focus agency. GRU, Inc. supports individuals and families within the guidelines of Family Living based and community integration services. We strive to serve as a resource to individuals and families in an effort to enhance growth through understanding. We strive toward the highest possible level of potential for each individual as a respected and valued member of his/her family and the community at large.

GRU, Inc. aspires to include families and individuals, to the greatest extent possible, in the agency processes that establish policy and assure delivery of quality service.


The Vision of Grace Requires Understanding, Inc. is to improve the quality of life of each individual served. GRU, Inc. recognizes that in supporting families, both natural and surrogate, it supports each individual served within and as a part of those families.

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